AIR & FOAM Camping Mattress with Air Pump | Tesla Model-Y/S/3

Sale price$229.99

Tesla Model: Model Y


Enjoy undisturbed sleep with superior stability that securely supports every move without shifting


Rest in peace with a mattress that quiets every turn, ensuring a silent and serene sleep environment


Customize your comfort with adjustable firmness, allowing you to fine-tune your sleeping surface for optimal rest


The mattress adapts to sudden weather changes, ensuring comfort in various environments, perfect for any adventure

Product specification

Product Dimensions

Model-Y(76 x 52'') Model-3(76 x 49'') Model-S(76 x 49'')

Maximum Thickness

4.5 inch



Maximum Supported Weight

Model-Y/S/3(440 lbs)

Product Weight

Model-Y(13.5 lbs) Model-3(12.5 lbs) Model-S(12.5 lbs)

Compatible Camping Type


Top Layer Material

30D Stretch Fabric

Bottom Layer Material

75D Fabric

Storage Bag Material

150D Oxford Cloth


2 Years

Stars Above, Peace Within

Softness Redefined

Experience the soothing embrace of our camping mat crafted from the stretch fabric, designed for the ultimate comfort in the wilderness. This fabric is exceptionally soft and skin-friendly, offering a gentle, cozy surface that makes sleeping outdoors feel more indulgent. Its adaptive design lightly conforms to your body, providing a snug feel without constriction, enhancing your rest under the stars. With superior breathability, the mat maintains a comfortable, dry environment all night long, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to explore.

Customer Reviews

Based on 234 reviews
Zachary O.
Works well

I’m very tall, so I sleep on the part of the mattress that overhangs the seats. When properly inflated, it didn’t sag a lot and I was able to sleep reasonably well. The biggest issue I had was the overall space in the back of the car, but that’s not an issue with the mattress.

Kim S.
Not just for Tesla, fits our Kia Sportage

We have a 2024 Kia Sportage XPro, and this fits great. If we needed to close the hatch we could move the seats forward a little more than shown in pic and it would still fit in there. It’s very comfortable to lay on. I have scoliosis so it was important to me to find just the right mattress support and this one is perfect! It’s very durable and the storage bag doubles as an air pump to help quick inflate if you choose to do that. Instructions are included in storage bag.

Matt f.C.
My preferred camp site sleeping setup

This mattress opened up new camping and travel opportunities for me and my son. Even in the summer here in CO, at over 10k feet elevation it can be hot during the day and near freezing overnight. Winter camp in subfreezing temps is much more enjoyable. In the car it's always a great temp for sleeping and moisture is controlled. High winds or rain that pop up overnight are no problem from inside the car. Setting up and breaking down camp is far faster eliminating the tent and if it's wet in the morning, so issues with trying to dry a tent before packing it up.

I've used the mattress now on several trips and would buy it again. It's very comfortable to sleep on. Since its memory foam, it's not bouncy like an air mattress that just uses air for support. The thickness, at 4.5 inches, helps mitigate the slight incline of the folded back seats. Its self-inflating and doesn't really need a pump to reach a good firmness, but definitely requires a pump to get as much air out as possible to roll it up. I made an adapter for an inflator/deflator that I bring camping as its good for other things like inflating watercraft and blowing dirt/debris away. It goes door handle to door handle and hatch door to back of front seats, so stuff doesn't fall. It doesn't cover the rear side storage bins, which is the perfect place to put shoes/jacket/flashlight for getting out of the car overnight for the restroom.

Rolled up it just fits in the underfloor storage or the frunk and it's a bit of a struggle the first couple of times. Strong hands and dexterity needed. I suppose you can choose thinner mattress of the same type (memory foam), which is easier to roll up, or a thicker mattress that is more comfortable. If comfort is the priority, this is a great mattress for the Y.

Travis B.
Highly recommend! Similar experience as my Nemo mattress for much less.

This is an excellent option for a Model Y camping mattress. Fits easily in the sub-trunk, inflates easily with an electric pump or with a pump sack. I wouldn't try it without either of these as this is a large mattress. As for deflating, you will absolutely need some sort of electric pump to pull all the air out of the mattress which will ensure the best packing dimensions.

Fits 2nd Gen Tacoma Shortbed!!!

I am absolutely WILD about this bed roll. I have been searching for something that will fit in the back of my 2012 Tacoma 5ft bed truck, but didn’t want something too thick/tall that it wouldn’t allow me to sit up without hitting my head. Those types of truck bed air mattresses also make it harder for the dog to jump up, so I knew I wanted something thinner - but still comfortable. I compared the measurements of the back of my truck to the measurements on the product information before ordering, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it fits literally perfectly.

Love at first sight. I still can’t believe it actually fits so perfectly. It is very similar to a thermarest, because it is solid foam that inflates and holds air to prevent the foam from compressing and allowing you to feel the ground underneath you. I haven’t spent the night on it yet, but just testing it out it is extremely comfortable. I feel like the cover is tough enough that I won’t have to worry about my dog’s claws poking holes. Although packing it back down was not a walk in the park, I feel like it’s worth it to finally find something this comfortable that fits so perfectly.

Initially I was going to see how long it took to fully self inflate, but I got impatient after an hour and a half and decided to pump it up myself. I included a photo of the mattress after self inflating for an hour and a half, and you will see that it still has some wrinkles showing because it is not fully inflated. You could totally sleep on it like this, but it’s much more comfortable if you inflate it further. I always have a small pump in my truck so this is not a problem for me. A surprising feature that I had not noticed before I purchased was that the carrying bag actually also doubles as a pump. If you didn’t happen to have a pump with you this would definitely work but would take much longer. I just used my pump that plugs into my truck and inflated the rest of the way in seconds.
I did include a picture of the air intake valves cap which came off while I was setting up. Hopefully this does not affect its ability to hold air at any point, but I was able to get it back on.

This was the not so fun part. After flipping the air intake valve to deflate (which prevents it from taking air back in as you deflate) I spent about 15 to 20 minutes manhandling this thing to get it rolled back up to my satisfaction. I rolled it and unrolled it three times before I was able to get it back down to the size you see in the picture. Again, it was work, but worth it.