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'Airsoft' has been renamed to 'Option3'

The Story Behind "Option3"

"Option3" emerged as the superior choice for campers frustrated with traditional sleeping options. The first option, air mattresses, often deflated and lacked support, while the second, memory foam mats, were bulky and still didn’t offer enough support. "Option3" combines air and foam to provide robust support, compact storage, and unmatched sleeping comfort. It merges the best of both worlds, making no compromises on sleep quality outdoors. With "Option3," experience home-like sleep, anywhere.

Voices from the Campsite

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We love it!

We are campers which are trying different camping products for many years - in order to find the balance between comfort / space optimization and quality. This one is killing it in all ranks... Let's put it like this - Can't ask for anything better.

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Best for RTT

We’ve tried a few different mattress toppers for our roof top tent, nothing had enough padding. This by far is the best thing to sleep on. We took the original mattress out, mattress topper and just use this. I would buy it again!

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Just buy it!!

This is an AWESOME addition to my camping gear. I’ve been eyeing similar products are REI for some time and just haven’t made the purchase because of the insane price. This is so comfy (maybe more comfortable than my bed itself) and really easy to inflate/deflate. It’s been tested over a long weekend with two dogs. It doesn’t shift with weight and it doesn’t trap cold air. Will likely also use for when extra guests come to stay!

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Super comfy... Highly recommend

I had to do my research to find a mattress with great reviews and one I would love. That research paid off!

This is probably one of the comfiest air mattress I've tried. The crazy part is that it does not feel like a air mattress. Since the top layer is foam, that's how it sleeps. My wife was super impressed!

We originally got it for camping, but we'll definitely be using it for when guests stay over.

The customer service is top notch as well. They respond quickly and are very cordial.

I'll be recommending this mattress to friends and family.

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