3-in-1 Portable Air Pump

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Introducing the 3-in-1 Handheld Multifunctional Portable Air Pump: the ultimate solution for modern adventurers and tech enthusiasts alike. This compact tool not only efficiently inflates your equipment but also illuminates your surroundings with its built-in night light, making it an invaluable partner for camping trips, night treks, or unexpected blackouts.

Elevate your on-the-go experience with its potent 4800 mAh powerbank. Featuring USB-C fast charging capability, it ensures your electronic devices stay powered, allowing you to remain connected, entertained, and informed. With a robust battery life of approximately 45 minutes, it's designed to serve you reliably during those crucial moments.

Don't compromise on convenience or innovation. Our handheld multifunctional tool caters to your every need, merging practicality with cutting-edge technology. Invest in versatility and be prepared for any situation.

Air Pump specification

Product Dimensions

3.4 x 1.9 x 1.9''

Product Weight

10.4 oz

Run time






Input I/O

5.0V 0.8A





Customer Reviews

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Orion S.
Mini review

Unfortunately our trip was cut short due to health issues... So we only had one night of use and it wasn't really the best of scenarios in general... However.... I can say the ease of which all 3 of our mats rolled out filled up and we're ready to go in about a minute each... Was much appreciated and perfectly put in the spot light here. The last thing I needed, or could do, was set stuff up. Just needed to lay down but make sure the girls were good.... Lost Horizons was the much needed and perfect timed simplicity made that night much more manageable, and we got a good sleep... So... Thank you. But I assure you, I'll return with a more in depth review after more use at home or elsewhere.

And I'd also like to mention.... The customer service is 2nd to none. Compassion. Involved. Helpful. Good people.

All around... I'm grateful.

Kelly C.
Tesla air mattress & pump

Very fun product. Comfortable enough to avoid a hotel fee if you’re just trying to catch a few hours sleep.


Makes inflating and deflating much easier! I would recommend solely for the ease of deflation. I was hoping it’d deflate fully without me having to assist it by rolling it up a bit, however, doing so took barely any effort.

David C.
Amazing product

Amazing product, great support. They went above and beyond with my inquiry and issue to fix it. Recommend them
And the product with double thumbs up. I actually got two Tesla mattress and cot for my truck. Both work great.

Scott B.

Durable and warm